SLS Junior's Training Program

About JTP

Salt Lake Sand’s Juniors Training Program is dedicated to providing high level coaching to all levels of athletes. Our coach's elite IQs for sand volleyball allows for drilling and preparation that is specific to sand volleyball; as the indoor game and sand game are different in many aspects that requires distinctively different training.

Our Juniors Training Program is open to players between the ages of 10-18 at all volleyball skill levels. While players with a prior background in volleyball might pick up techniques a bit quicker, all players will improve and have a ton of fun doing it, so no prior volleyball experience is required to play at Salt Lake Sand!

Practices will focus on volleyball skills, techniques, strategy, moving in the sand, defense, and a whole lot more! Players will drill, condition, and learn how to move, jump and dive in the sand in order to increase their sand volleyball experience.

Players will be evaluated at the start of the session and throughout the session to train on courts with players of similar skill level.

JTP Details


  • Tuesdays & Thursdays


  • Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginners: 8:30-10:30am
  • Sand Spikers: 8:30-10am


  • June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, & 27

Costs & Divisions:

  • Advanced (11-18 y/o): $250 + processing fees
  • Intermediate (11-18 y/o): $250 + processing fees
  • Beginners (11-18 y/o): $250 + processing fees
  • Sand Spikers (8-10 y/o): $200 + processing fees

Athletes must have a current AAU number to participate

Divisions Explained

  • Advanced: These players have 4-5 years volleyball experience, 2-3 years of beach volleyball experience and be able to perform all  skills at a the highest junior level.
  • Intermediate: These players have 1-3 years indoor volleyball experience, 1-2 years beach volleyball experience and be able to perform all skills at a moderate junior level.
  • Beginner: These players have 0-1 years volleyball experience and need additional training to put together a full volleyball rally.
  • Sand Spikers: These players are our youngest group (8-10 y/o) and do not need any volleyball experience to participate, although they will benefit greatly if they have participated in rec or club indoor training programs in the past.

If you are not sure where your player should be, please register them for your best guess, and our coaches will do an assessment on the first day of camp.

Sport Mall Member Discount:

  • To receive the Sports Mall Membership Discount (5%), players must be a member at the time of registration; no retro discounts will be given. Sports Mall membership numbers will to be entered to receive discount.
  • Get more info on the Sport Mall Summer Volleyball Membership below.